Multifast 2.0.0

A Total Solution for
Mass String Search & Substitution



Multifast is an open-source software that provides you with efficient library and tool, to search and manipulate data streams on the fly. It can search for a huge number of strings and replace them in one pass. It contains a tidy and efficient implementation of the Aho-Corasick algorithm as a C library.


Why MultiFast?

There are dozens of open-source string processor tools like sed, awk and grep. Besides, there are ubiquitous regular-expression libraries which are very well capable of doing multiple string search. So, what is the necessity of having another means? Here we give you some reasons:


The project is also available on the project's SVN repository. For more detail see the Code Page of the project on the Sourceforge page.


To download MultiFast go to the Sourceforge Page of the project.